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Jim Cissell - the Voice Guy

"Jim is Mr. Versatile--long-form, short-form, serious or funny, he always comes through."
Jim Copacino, Copacino + Fujikado

"Jim is everything you've ever hoped for in a voice talent... shows up ready and on time. He can and will adjust his read to whatever you had in mind. More than a few clients have adopted him to be their 'voice' for the long term. If I go on this'll start sounding like a coerced POW confession.
David Remer, Remer, Inc. Seattle

"I engineer and direct voice sessions for a living. Jim makes it look like I’m really good at it!”
Vince Werner, Clatter & Din

There would have been no Cannes Film Festival winning 'Trouble with Money' without Jim's cool and confident pipes."
Kelly Vander Linda, McCann-Erickson

"From comedy to drama to action-Jim's voice makes our promos stand out. He can create any mood you want."         Phil Ohler, Buena Vista Television

His national TV commercials for Combat Superbait were “The most successful new product introduction ever for Clorox.”
Richard Whitson, Clorox Brand Mgr

The spot Jim wrote, voiced, and produced "was funny, creative, and generated 500 calls a day!"
Nancy Devine, Sunriver Resort

“The radio spots he produced worked so well, other states complain our ads are unfair.”
Stephen Klaniecki, WA Assn of Realtors

"Critical Rescues, the prime-time series you narrated for Discovery, pulled strong ratings against the #1 show on TV."
Michelle Shipman, New Dominion

Jim Cissell - the Voice Guy

“Great work co-hosting the STARZ Free Preview Weekend--69,000 sales leads!"
Mark Walker

“Your narration had just the right amount of humour and credibility.”
Wayne Tourell, Natural History NZ

“The radio spot drew 7,000 people to the opening. We expected 2,000 max!”
Brad Smith, BHI

"No one suspects almost every piece on my demo is the same guy."                      Shane Seley, Wide Awake Films

"A terrific talent and a good friend." Steven Manuel, The Discovery Channel

“I've never heard a voice talent with more range.”
John Bigler, Big Pictures

"You made Shark Island a pleasure. And Animal Planet loved it."
Tal Yarden, Sea Lion Productions, NY

“Jim figured out exactly what I wanted in about 2 minutes."
Robt Spector, author Amazon.com

Jim Cissell - the Voice Guy

"The narrator nailed it!"
Dr Edward B. Dietrich, Arizona Heart Hospital

"A network quality voice with local accessibility. It doesn't get any better!"
Brian Hartnett, Phoenix Home Life Ins.

"Absolutely nails direction!"
Leslie Getty, Coors

"Excellent job."
Seth Garon, Johnny Carson Collection

"Killer reads!" Sean Hannon, KUTV

"His home studio means I can clean my kitchen while I direct."
Anne DeRock, Spirit Media, Portland

"The consumate pro."
Steve Heiser, Odyssey Productions

Jim Cissell - the Voice Guy

"Within the hour you restored the tracks from two years ago and matched them exactly." John Dickson, Frontline Productions

"One of the VERY best."
John DeGraaf, KCTS-TV

“You get more done in 10 minutes than other talent do in an hour.”
Eric Morgan, Bonneville Communs

"Your thorough editing of voice files saves me over half my post production time."
Wes Moore, FLIR

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